Synergy Partners - Mortgage Loan Quality Control Services

Mortgage Loan Quality Control

Dedicated to helping mortgage brokers, lenders, banks, and credit unions of all sizes comply with regulations, manage risk, and improve the quality of their loans, our staff of mortgage experts acts as an extensive compliance resource to deliver a complete quality control solution without you having to staff your own audit department. Our expertise in mortgage regulations, operations, underwriting, finance, software development, and compliance enables us to provide quality control results that empower you to mitigate risk !!

Our Quality Control Services include:

Post-Closing Mortgage Loan Reviews

Our Post-Funding Review Quality Initiative was developed to encourage compliance with all federal and state regulations, mitigate the financial risks of noncompliance and identify the compliance “hotspots” within your organization.  By combining appropriate and proven sampling methodologies to select your files to review, we provide a comprehensive post-closing quality control review process (each loan file is subjected to over 220 different LQI checks) that meets the guidelines of all agencies and investors. 

We review all mortgage loan types, including conforming and non-conforming, FHA, VA, Reverse Annuity, and HELOC loans.  Post-Closing review services also include Post-Closing Forensic Audits, Repurchase Defense, Pre-Funding, Routine QC, Early Payment Defaults, Foreclosure, Due Diligence, Servicing and Fraud Investigation among others. 

Of course, we can accommodate any custom requirements that you, your investors, or the agencies would like to incorporate into the QC review process. 

Pre-Funding Mortgage Loan Reviews

Our Pre-Funding Review Quality Initiative was developed to encourage complete and accurate loan data, eliminate the delivery of ineligible loans, and reduce repurchase risk and pricing errors.  By combining appropriate and proven sampling methodologies to select your files to review, we perform a comprehensive review of every aspect of the loan file prior to closing.  

With less than 24 hour turnaround times, we can provide you with a high level of confidence that our Quality Initiative has been met !

To learn more about our Services - "Mortgage Loan Quality Control", please CONTACT US to discuss your particular situation on a strictly confidential basis.