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Commercial Loan Reviews

Now more than ever, it is imperative that financial institutions identify potentially troubled loan relationships as early as possible.  Routine evaluations of asset quality, internal controls and administrative procedures are the building blocks to effective credit risk management.  Given the recent financial crises, the need for all banks to have an independent, qualified loan review has been the topic of numerous recent Treasury speeches and a focal point of regulatory examinations.  

Once engaged, our team of expert analysts perform a comprehensive credit risk assessment, looking at key credit related metrics, red flags, regulatory reports, audits, and credit management reports.  In essence, we assess the overall inherent credit risk, its direction, and how the risk is currently managed.  As a result, we are able to accurately target the depth and breadth of our loan review. 

The Benefits of Our Loan Reviews Services

  • Access to experts with extensive backgrounds in loan review, regulatory and lending experience
  • Comprehensive reports and work papers that meet regulatory expectations
  • Corrective Action & Best Practices recommendations
  • Allowance for Loan and Lease Loss Assessments (ALLL policy) assessments
  • Credit Rating Support
  • What we are most proud of ??  Our loan reviews are still considered some of the best by regulators and auditors !
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